Spruce Grove

This location is a...

That means that our food is prepared in a regularly inspected commercial kitchen which serves our delicious food exclusively through delivery apps like

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I show up and eat in the restaurant?
Well, there is no "restaurant", no dine in area or serving staff or even a cashier, just an amazing kitchen. Wouldn't you rather order food in your PJ's and bunny slippers?

Can I get customized orders?
Absolutely! All our food is made fresh as soon as we receive the online order. If you have custom requests, simply write them in the comments of the food item.

What about food safety and quality?
Our ghost kitchens operate in existing commercial kitchens and pass the same regular health inspections and certifications as any other restaurants in Canada.

Are there Ghosts?
All our staff are real people, not ghosts. Though some of them don't get to see the sun as much as they want to.

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